Is it the first time buying a drone? It will be a very excellent experience because you are now becoming a part of the drone flier family. They have their drone festivals and contests and races. Along with that, you are going to take some beautiful and mesmerizing photos and videos.

Since everyone has their definition of the best drone, you have got to be clear on the type of drone that is best for you. From the very cheapest to one having the best camera quality, we are going to discuss the kind of drone you will need to start your journey. But, first, let us look at the characteristics you will look for while purchasing a drone:

Features To Look At While Purchasing A Drone

As you purchase a drone for the first time, you should be informed about the different facilities or features that every drone has.

  • Charge of Drone

Like any other technology, drones will eventually run out of charge; even the most advanced drones struggle to run more than 25 minutes. In case you are looking to get spare batteries, make sure to include them within your budget.

  • The Motors

There are two types the ones with brush and ones which are brushless. The brushless ones are generally more costly but give you a more silent experience and last for an extended period.

  • The Camera

Nowadays, drones have an inbuilt camera, and some of them also give you the option of attaching your own. As the price increases of the drones, so does the camera quality.

  • The GPS

GPS helps the drone to return home; they are also called as RTH (RETURN TO HOME). GPS also enables the drone to understand where they are, and some of the autonomous drones have sensors that help them avoid obstacles.

  • Range of the drone

Range helps the drone to go far away and still not lose control from you. As drones become more professional, they have more range that they can cover. No matter what the range of your drone, always remember to keep the drone in sight.

Drones To Purchase At Each Flying Level

The beginner flying level

You are a person who has never got his or her hand on a drone before. It would be more convenient to purchase a drone that is not expensive, since crashes and destructive landings are a part of everyday learning; a not too costly drone is a good investment on your early expedition.

DJI Mavic Mini

DJI Mavic Mini

A drone such as the DJI Mavic Mini, which weighs 249g, is an excellent way to start. The DJI Mavic Mini does not require registration as it weighs less than the limit set by the government. So you start flying as soon as you get it.

Toy Drones

toy drones

You can also purchase something known as a toy drone. It doesn’t have a good quality camera but will help you get comfortable with the controls.

Blade Nano QX

Blade Nano QX

A drone called the Blade Nano QX can help a beginner greatly. It doesn’t contain any of the latest features but can handle a few bumps here and there, and it is especially useful for indoor and outdoor flights.

The professional flying level

As soon as you get comfortable with controls, you will be able to fly any drone. It is time you get your first professional drone; the more expensive the better battery life it has and the more improved performance.

Go Pro Karma

Go Pro Karma

At such a level, you should be able to buy drones such as the GoPro Karma, which has a 4k video recorder, an integrated gimbal, and it can fold but is not able to avoid obstacles.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro can avoid obstacles and has many available advanced features, including 4k video recording.

We hope you can find the drone that can give you the time of your life but also remember to follow all the instructions set by the local authorities in your area. And before getting started make sure you read the entire instruction manual.

Drone Rush has a detailed list of some of the drones you can purchase as a beginner.