Drones are pretty much about sensors. Drones work on its sensors all the time, such as accelerometers, gyro, current sensors, magnetic sensors, and engine intake flow sensors, etc.

Over time as the drones reach the end of their life span. Errors start occurring in the sensors of a drone or the remote control. To remove such issues, we need to perform a drone calibration or a drone alignment.

Errors are essential to remove as they cause accidents and crash landings. There are different situations in which you may want to calibrate your drone; some of those points are:

  • When you feel the drone is not having the same reaction time or is not reacting in the desired manner.
  • When your drone suddenly drops from the altitude on which your proceeding, then you may calibrate the IMU( Inertial Measurement Unit), then the barometer can regain its accurate functions
  • When you have chosen a new place to fly your drone, then it is recommended to calibrate the compass of the drone
  • When the drone has lost its stability at hovering or previously had hit an object, then you should calibrate your drone
  • It is also recommended to calibrate your drone at different time intervals.

Things To Do When Your Drone’s Compass Dysfunctions

The compass provides direction typically to where the drone is using the magnetic north. Sometimes the drone misinterprets it’s direction and flies degrees away from the original course.

Few reasons for drone’s compass calibration malfunction

  • If the drone’s arms are foldable and they are folded
  • Presence of any metal
  • When there is any magnetic interference around your drone
  • When drone’s power is on during movement

How To Fix The Compass Failure

This is how you can fic your compass from failing and avoid troublesome flight experience:

  • Avoiding any magnetic presence: Try keeping the drone away from any magnetic presence such as cat’s speakers during transportation
  • Keep away from any electronic interference: prevent from flying the drone near voltage power lines and cell phone towers

A simple way of calibrating the DJI drone’s:

  • First, select a free space or an open area to begin calibration
  • Removing the propellers before starting is highly recommended
  • After powering up the drone, open the Aircraft Status Bar in the DJI app, and select “calibrate.”
  • Two messages will pop up, the first asking permission for beginning the calibration, and the second will show you how to hold the drone for calibration and all the necessary steps
  • Whenever the status bar indicator shows green light after the yellow ones mean the process had been successful

How To Calibrate A Mini Drone

It is the same procedure for most mini drones; only a few steps have to be followed mainly being:

  • Pair the drone with the transmitter and keep it on the flat surface
  • Also, read the manual of the drone if there are some extra steps to be followed
  • Some drones require the direction stick to be moved upwards and throttle downwards and some other requires the direction stick to be moved upwards and the throttle in the lower right corner
  • The LED lights will flash for 2-4 seconds and after that, will turn into a constant light meaning it was successful

We have mentioned the most known ways to align your drone. Remember, that if these ways do not work, then you can take your drone to a professional for repair.