Flying a drone can be a bit tricky initially, but as you get along with the controls, you begin to have a lot of fun and enjoyment like never before. Capture some fantastic photos and videos, make it a hobby, and do anything you want.

In this article, you will learn how to start your journey with the drone as a beginner, learn all the controls, and take off all the safety rules and precautions. Once you start getting into it, you will have all the fun you ever wanted, so let’s begin:

  1. Getting familiar with the drone.

Before going for your first flight, check all your controls, settings, and get to know them well. Learn about the safety rules of your area and see whether your drone requires registration or not. Most drones have beginner modes and simulators that teach you how to go for the first flight without endangering anyone. The beginner mode restricts drone altitude and speed. The simulator is connected through a wifi connection to your phone or a tablet to help you get along. This opens the doors for beginners to build up their confidence.

  1. Learn about the remote control

Almost all the drones have the same way to access the joystick, the looks and design may vary as per different company’s products, but the initial controls are the same. There are two sticks on the controller. When you push the left joystick upwards, it commands the drone to fly upwards, and when you push it, downwards commands the drone to descend.

Similarly, when you push the same joystick left or right, it commands the drone to rotate. The right joystick is only about the drone’s movements, meaning when you push the right joystick upwards and downwards, it commands the joystick to move forward and backward, respectively. Also, when you move the right joystick towards left and right, it commands the drone to move towards left and right.

You will also find many buttons on the joystick to access different drone functions such as controlling the camera for taking photos, recording videos, etc. Itis recommended that you learn what each button the joystick does before going for your first flight. Always remember the front face of your drone to move smoothly forward and backward. For added safety, always keep the GPS mode on so that if you lose control of the quadcopter, it will just hover at its place.

  1. Check your location

It is always important to check the location where you are going to fly your drone. Always look out for any buildings, trees, power lines, etc. So that you can have a safe flight, remember to go through the local authorities’ guidelines such as the altitude limit and that there are no airports and stadiums around you.

Check the weather conditions on the location where you are going to pilot your drone. It’s preferable to fly your drone when there are no rains, and the area is not so windy because it can significantly affect your drone. Just be aware of the battery’s run out time because you want to land the drone before it runs out of charge.

  1. Preflight checklist

Make sure you check these before you start flying:

  • Always check your drone’s charge and the remote control’s batteries
  • Look out for weather conditions
  • Check your camera settings
  • Check that your controller and drone are correctly connected
  • Study the guidelines provided by the area where you are going to fly your drone.
  • See if you have installed the memory card if you are going to capture photos and videos.
  • Check drone calibration on the GPS mode for more safety.
  • Visually check the drone and the propellers.
  • Announce to people close by when you are going to take off
  • Keep your drone at sight all the time.
  • Monitor the settings as you fly your drone
  1. Accessories and a few essential tips
  • Try having extra spare batteries to increase your flight time and to enjoy more
  • Always use something as a landing pad. It is quite useful for unforeseen situations. You can use a mat, a piece of wood, etc.
  • Be respectful of people around you, and have fun.

So follow these tips and you will know exactly what you have to do with your drone. Remember it all about practice, once you get the hang of it, it will be very simple.